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Evolution to the Future

This CI statement represents our intention to “continuously provide an assured future where people can live safe, secure and enriched lives through technologies that can excite people as passion as a manufacturer for the sustainability of the earth and humankind.

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro stabilizer Rules the Waves with over a decade of experience creating stable situations on pleasure and commercial craft all over the world. Not only does the ARG stabilizer reduce roll at zero speed but at trolling speeds as well. The ARG does this without any high pressure hoses, hot oil or through hull fittings. In fact there is nothing that protrudes from the hull.

The ARG stabilizer is easy to install. Just bolt it down to your boat and plug it in! The Tohmei ARG stabilizer is the original ‘Anti Rolling Gyro’ stabilizer. The technology was developed by Mitsubishi originally for the space satellite. Tohmei stands alone as the LEADER in ROLL REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY for pleasure and commercial craft in the world. With approx. 2,500 units built, there are Tohmei ARG’s RULING the WAVES off every continent world-wide!

You get time tested, PROVEN roll reduction technology from the Tohmei ARG!.



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