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A Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) is a great investment for any commercial vessel. The ARG is now available for the commercial sector providing low and zero speed stabilization, some of the other benefits include:

  • Effective at trolling and at ‘zero’ speeds.
  • Safety for crew and cargo.
  • Less maintenance than our competitors.
  • No through hull protrusions that produce drag or interfere with divers.
  • Improves fuel efficiency.
  • A well rested crew will perform better and are more responsive.

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) is safely installed inside of the boat and away from the extreme conditions at sea. The ARG requires no external water hookups, no hi-pressure oil lines, and no exposed moving parts making it safer and more reliable for everyday use.

By far the biggest advantage the TOHMEI ARG has over finned ‘zero speed’ stabilizers is the lower costs of operation. Your generators will thank you for choosing ARG. The ARG uses a small, steady amount of power not the havoc raising on and off of finned ‘zero speed’ systems. The ARG can make your vessel more profitable and efficient by saving fuel, increasing comfort, minimizing downtime and increasing crew safety.