Our Technology

Tohmei Group focuses on aerospace manufacturing, such as space station replenishment equipment (HTV).
We were engaged in panel assembly of domestic rocket. Not only the power of manufacturing, but our excellent quality management system was highly appreciated.

ARG is made by taking advantage of our technical capabilities.

We design and build functional Anti Rolling Gyro Marine Stabilizers

The Theory

The Principle of ARG

Control Moment Gyroscope Principle is applied to ARG. When a spinning flywheel is inclined, it generates a gyro force to incline it forward or backward.
This is the principle of gyroscope.

The principle of gyroscope
The principle of gyroscope

The angular momentum H of the flywheel and the roll angular velocity Φ generate a gyro torque Tg in accordance with the gyroscopic principle.

Tg = H × Φ

With a damper C, Tg tilts the gimbal at an angular velocity ϑ.

ϑ = Tg / C = HΦ / C

On the other side, H and ϑ generate a suppression torque Ts also in accordance with the gyroscopic principle.

Ts = H × ϑ

Then, Ts acts as a suppression torque with proportional to the boat rolling angular velocity Φ.

Ts = (H²/C) × Φ

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Simple ARG Construction
Simple ARG Construction

Our Story

In the early years of developing ARG, when Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was involved with attitude control, which is the technology to control the orientation of an artificial satellite, an exceptionally responsive and dependable passive system was developed.

We learned that the more complicated a gyro system becomes, the more likely it is to fail prematurely.

“We Have Been There And Done That!”

We rejected the pumps and lines associated with water and hydraulic systems, and did away with computer controls that caused problems. We kept what works and that is what you get with a Tohmei ARG. The computer control system is used by the active gyro stabilizer, such as Competitor, Inc but as we all know, in a humid and salty environment, this can cause a lot of problems.

We Believe That Keeping It Simple Is The Best Practice

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) is the passive gyro stabilizer system that achieves ‘hassle-free’ operation and provides better roll reduction. Anti Rolling Rate is calculated by the following formula:

Anti Rolling Rate (Nm) = Angular Moment (Nms) × maximum limit of gimbal angular velocity (rad/sec)

ARG125T: 2,500Nms × 5rad/sec = 12,500Nm (actual maximum rolling torque)

ARG250T: 5,000Nms × 5rad/sec = 25,000Nm

ARG375T: 7,500Nms × 5rad/sec = 37,500Nm

Competitor 9: 18,810Nm