Why ARG “Our Advantages”

By using the Gyro Momentum Effect, the Anti Rolling Gyro, ARG, reduces the ‘rolling’ motion of your vessel to a point where you will barely feel it. Cooking on the stove is safer. Drinks can sit on the table without worry of spilling, and many other advantages. Enjoy your vessel when others are ‘hanging on!’

Top 10 reasons why the ARG Natural Precession Control is better than the other systems:


Easy to operate; just flip a switch to turn it on.


Effective at trolling and zero speeds.


Resistance free because nothing protrudes from the hull.


There are no complicated high pressure hydraulic lines or pumps.


There are no fresh or raw water pumps, no heat exchangers to leak.


No vacuum chambers to maintain.


No exposed moving parts means that the ARG is safe in an engine room setting.


Can be installed anywhere there is sufficient strength.


In short, the ARG is a time tested, proven, dependable design that is practically maintenance free.


With more than 25 years of experience, ARG is the leader in the marine gyro stabilization field.

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) is safely installed inside of the boat and away from the extreme conditions at sea. The ARG requires no external water hookups, no hi-pressure oil lines, and no exposed moving parts making it safer and more reliable for everyday use.

Captains conclude that fishing with a Tohmei Gyro onboard is much easier on their legs and it allows them to fish longer and feel better after a day on the water. Running for a rod with a big catch can be quite dangerous on a rocking boat but with an ARG unit installed you can move freely and safely. “Rule the Waves” and be able to go out to sea when others can’t with a Tohmei ARG. The only way to fish!

Competitive Comparison

ARG advantages

While other stabilizer systems, such as active gyro made by Competitor, Inc and fin stabilizers, require complicated wiring, pumps and heat exchangers for water cooling, high pressure hydraulic pump and lines and a vacuum system, we keep it SIMPLE! We believe that Simple is the best way to provide our customers a pleasurable experience on the water with a touch of a switch.

Mitsubishi and Tohmei spent years developing the simplest, most effective form of gyro stabilizer before the competition even got started!

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The facts show that the ARG provides more damping for the dollar. For example, active gyro made by Competitor, Inc claims that they generate angular moment 9,000Nms, but the actual anti rolling torque is 18,810Nms. on the other hand, our ARG250T generates 5,000Nms, but anti rolling torque, the most important factor of damping, is 25,000Nm. We provide more damping torque than the active gyro made by Competitor, Inc.

General Information & Dispelling Myths

Cooling Method – Air

Eliminating corrosive electrolysis and frequent costly maintenance.

Bearings – Ultra-Life Bearings

High Speed Ultra-Life Bearings rated for superior lifespan. Lasting 5 x longer than the closest competitor.

Natural Precession Control – Advanced Natural Precession Rotary Damper

Prior to this globally patented advancement in 2018, competitors actively controlled gyros in the past have drawn minor benefit in “very low wave height” conditions, while the Anti Roll Gyro has always been the #1 performer in medium to large wave heights. Today commercial operators and pleasure boaters across the world can benefit from our units now matching active gyro sensitivity in very low wave height, while maintaining superior performance as wave heights increase. Our precession control is incomparably robust, reliable and virtually maintenance free.

Rating – The Myth behind Angular Momentum (AM)

AM is nothing more than the measurement of the gyro’s flywheel as an isolated entity (one part of your gyro). Using AM as a measurement of a gyros performance is not only misleading, it is technically incorrect.

This is why 4 out of the 5 major gyro manufacturers in the world rate gyros on Anti Rolling Torque. If you are speaking to your gyro sales rep about Angular Momentum, it is likely that their units produce quite low Stabilizing Torque.

Comparing your gyro to a vehicle, AM is like the HP of your engine, while Anti Rolling Torque is like WHP (Wheel Horse Power, the output of your drivetrain as a complete set).

Precession Angle – Factoring in the time element far better with 180° precession angle

Did you know that all gyros stop providing stability when they reach the end of their precession travel?

Anti Roll Gyro through advanced design provides significantly more stability than all hydraulic ram-controlled units; an impressive 180° vs only 110-120° of movement for all competitors. Other than high-output Anti Roll Torque dynamics of the design, the significantly increased precession angle is the other factor, as to why no hydraulic ram gyro can come close to performance of our gyros in larger / longer waves.

Large Wave Heights – Heavy Duty in Design, Unmatched longevity

Our Anti Roll Gyro’s being the true Heavy Duty rated gyros are approved for continual operations in larger waves heights than any other gyro. The suggestion on the operation manual to turn off your gyro in very large waves height is simply out of due care and consideration for your unit, though the fact remains that the Anti Roll Gyro is the only true Heavy Duty built gyro in the world. This is the reason why our units are the only gyros used extensively in commercial operations in the far north Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Maintenance – Virtually Zero, Unmatched low cost and downtime

Other than a recommended annual visual inspection to check for abnormalities, your user experience is as it should be. Focused on enjoying your time on the water.

Overhaul Simplicity – No unit removal required, Unmatched cost reduction

You do not have to cut open your deck or hull to remove our units for overhaul, as all the works are completed in place on board the vessel, with the vessel in the water.

Hot Climates/Small Spaces – Location free installation, Proven reliability in the warmest of locations

Install your unit in any confined space. Air flow or hot weather is no issue. From the thousands of installations, the most that has been required in a confined space for air cooling is a small extraction fan.

Installation – Simple & Lower Cost

All you require is a sounds foundation for your gyro and electrical connection. No boat haulout required.

Stand-by mode – Required for Boat Shows, not for Rafting-Up

In a raft up, any gyro on is a blessing, the more gyros on the better. If you are being told that your vessel will rock closer to the vessel next to you with your gyro on, then you are being sold a gyro that is too small to stabilize your vessel. The complexity required to allow this function provides no real-world benefit, other than boat show marketing.

Roll Reduction – Average vs Peak

To our knowledge Anti Roll Gyro and Veem are the only companies that provide real world figures to establish realistic expectations. Peak Roll Reduction measures how well your vessel will perform in a wave pool, that is designed specifically for your vessel. Average Roll Reduction provides you true indication of the roll reduction that you should expect to see if you take your vessel onto any body of water where nature is in control of the wave height, length and frequency.