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Installing and Using ARG

What are the maintenance requirements for ARG?

This is an area where Tohmei ARG excels over the competition. No scheduled maintenance required. We do recommend, however, that once a year the system is visually checked for anything irregular.

How much space is needed to install an ARG unit?

When installing an ARG unit, it is important to keep clearance on both sides of the unit to allow for adequate air flow. It is also important to have access to the unit for inspection purposes.

Who can install ARG?

Any competent boat yard may install ARG. However, the structural foundation should be approved by a Marine Engineer to ensure that it will safely transfer the torque to the vessels hull. Contact your dealer for more details.

Does ARG need cooling?

No. ARG is designed to cool itself with air flow in the unit generated by a spinning flywheel.

Where in a boat should ARG be installed?

Since ARG is virtually maintenance free, there is no need to make convenience a priority. Recommendations are listed below to help you locate the ideal space to install your ARG.

  1. Take into consideration the boat’s center of gravity and balance.
  2. Ensure ventilation if installed in a confined space.
  3. Install ARG in a soundproof space, e.g. engine room.
  4. Ensure that the selected place is steady enough to transfer the generated torque to the hull. The primary structural beams are a good choice.
  5. ARG does not need to be mounted on the centerline to function effectively. For example, an ARG unit will work equally effectively if located across a generator.
What is the required input power for an ARG unit?

Please see the specifications of each model in Our Products page.

What model of ARG do I need for my boat?

TOHMEI has four different models of ARG, and each model is capable of reducing boat roll at a certain range of displacement. Every vessel has different characteristics. Please provide your vessel information in the Contact Us page. We will contact you and provide more information accordingly.

Can I use multiple ARG units on one boat?

Yes. Depending on the type of vessel, it may be necessary to install multiple ARG units.

Mechanisms of ARG

What is the difference between ARG and fin stabilizer?

In order to make hydraulic stabilization systems work effectively at ‘zero speed’, huge fins need to protrude from both sides of a vessel hull.

A large hydraulic pump moves the fins to stabilize the vessel. The pumping speed may change frequently depending on the situation, which may result in random load variance and require a larger generator.

On the other hand, the power input required for ARG is steady, reducing the demand for power supply. The entire unit (incl. gyro and driver) stays inside the vessel, which makes docking and maneuvering easier. It is even possible to run your ARG at the dock while using the shore power.

Is ARG equipped with a safety system?

ARG is equipped with a safety device; when ARG is running under the conditions below, the safety device is activated and stops the gyro.

  1. The ambient temperature of the ARG unit has increased.
  2. The load on the ARG unit has increased excessively under severe conditions, e.g. stormy weather or excessively high waves.
  3. Any of the dampers has broken down.
What is the automatic return function?

ARG has a function called “automatic fast return function”. This function keeps ARG running even when the power source turns off for a moment.

What is the advantage of passive control?

Our passive control does not require an electric control unit or the like, resulting in few failures and high level of safety. Also, the passive system does not require regular maintenance (except for yearly inspections).

Purchasing ARG

Do you have any dealers?

Yes. Please see the Dealer Network page.

What warranty does ARG come with?

24 months after delivery to first-use purchaser of the boats, but not exceeding 36 months after the date of the Bill of Lading. (Commercial and military use, Japanese market is different from above.)