ARG products

When only the Best will do

We designed and built gyro stabilization, assembled with the finest materials.
Providing the best stability performance in the most effective and reliable design.

New Release!!!


Model: MSM4500T-A1

Our response to the request of wishing to install ARG on smaller boats.

The newest, the smallest unit in the ARG series.

Eco-mode implemented to reduce power consumption.

  • ARG50T/65T
  • ARG50T/65T

ARG50T Model: MSM5000T-A1
ARG65T Model: MSM6500T-A1

Our newest model to the fleet! For vessels under 10T, running on 12V DC Batteries or AC power.

JPY 4,460,000

  • ARG175T
  • ARG175T

ARG175T Model: MSM17500T-A1

For vessels 30′ – 50′. Benefit from the powerful 17,500Nm of stabilizing torque, the leader in vessels 25 ton.

JPY 7,036,000

  • ARG250T
  • ARG250T

ARG250T ARG250T-1
Model: MSM25000T-B1

For vessels 40′ – 65′. The 250T-1 is our Flagship model, with Advanced Rotary Damper technology.

ARG250T: JPY 11,018,000
ARG250T-1: JPY 11,558,000

  • ARG375T
  • ARG375T

ARG375T Model: MSM37500T-A1

For vessels 60′ – 80′. The 375T is our largest and most impressive unit. With an impressive 37,500Nm’s of reliable Anti Rolling Torque, this unit could outlive the life of your vessel.

JPY 15,394,000

The prices above are MSRP; it is the price for the unit itself only, does not include taxes, shipping, installation and other costs.

Why ARG?


Market leading stabilizing torque

Advanced natural precession control

Unbeatable performance when stability is needed

NEW – Latest technology in Rotary Damper providing amazing sensitivity in very low wave height



Ultra-Life Bearings

Heavy-Duty / Unmatched longevity

Used in the hottest and coldest of climates

No hydraulics, vacuum or sea water cooling


Zero unneeded complexity

Location free installation

Zero to low maintenance

Simple control

Simple installation

No need to worry about anodes and electrolysis

Invest in a Quality Unit Today, Save Frustration, Stress and Thousands in the Future

Our Great SIMPLE Design

  • Easy to operate; just flip a switch to turn it on.
  • Effective at trolling and zero speeds.
  • Resistance free because nothing protrudes from the hull.
  • There are no complicated high pressure hydraulic lines or pumps.
  • There are no fresh or raw water pumps, no heat exchangers to leak.
  • No vacuum chambers to maintain.

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) is safely installed inside of the boat and away from the extreme conditions at sea. The ARG requires no external water hookups, no hi-pressure oil lines, and no exposed moving parts making it safer and more reliable for everyday use.

By far the biggest advantage the TOHMEI ARG has over finned ‘zero speed’ stabilizers is the lower costs of operation. Your generators will thank you for choosing ARG. The ARG uses a small, steady amount of power not the havoc raising on and off of finned ‘zero speed’ systems. The ARG can make your vessel more profitable and efficient by saving fuel, increasing comfort, minimizing downtime and increasing crew safety.

Do you wonder how it works?

Read more about Our Technology

The Tohmei ARG stabilizer is the original ‘Anti Rolling Gyro’ stabilizer. The technology was developed by Mitsubishi originally for the space satellite. Tohmei stands alone as the LEADER in ROLL REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY for pleasure and commercial craft in the world. With approx. 2,500 units built, there are Tohmei ARG’s RULING the WAVES off every continent world-wide!