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When only the Best will do – We designed and built gyro stabilization, assembled with the finest materials, providing the best stability performance in the most effective and reliable design.

  • ARG50T/65T
  • ARG50T/65T


Our newest model to the fleet! For vessels under 10T, running on 12V DC Batteries or AC power.

  • ARG175T
  • ARG175T


For vessels 30′ – 50′. Benefit from the powerful 17,500Nm of stabilizing torque, the leader in vessels 25 ton.

  • ARG250T
  • ARG250T

ARG250T ARG250T-1

For vessels 40′ – 65′. The 250T-1 is our Flagship model, with Advanced Rotary Damper technology.

  • ARG375T
  • ARG375T


For vessels 60′ – 80′. The 375T is our largest and most impressive unit. With an impressive 37,500Nm’s of reliable Anti Rolling Torque, this unit could outlive the life of your vessel.

Do you already own a boat and are interested in a refit, or are you buying a new boat? Then,

Why ARG?

Easy Installation

Easy Operation

Great Effect

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) is a great investment for any vessel, commercial or personal. The ARG can safely be installed inside the boat and out of the extreme conditions at sea. There are no external water hook-ups, no hi-pressure oil lines and no exposed moving parts making it safer and more reliable for everyday use.

Cooking on the stove is safer. Drinks can sit on the table without worry of spilling, and many other advantages.

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Happy passengers


Matthew Chang

Can’t speak highly enough of it’s performance, reliability and rugged build. Absolutely changed the boat for the better. Wouldn’t use or recommend any other brand gyro.

Matthew Chang
43’ O’Brien Sportsfisher

Boat owner Kieran H. – 6000 Whitehaven

Testimonial from an Australian dealer – 6000 Whitehaven

Owner Tim Dean – Calypso

Testimonial from an Australian dealer – Calypso

Owner Mr. Ateş – Ferretti 592

“My Gyro works perfectly. Dampers hasn’t been changed, …Thank goodness everything is fine.”

ARG unit manufactured in 2008 is installed on his beautiful BELISA, no heavy maintenance required to this day!


About Us: TOHMEI Industries

Evolution to the Future

This CI statement represents our intention to “continuously provide an assured future where people can live safe, secure and enriched lives through technologies that can excite people as passion as a manufacturer for the sustainability of the earth and humankind”.

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro stabilizer Rules the Waves with over a decade of experience creating stable situations on pleasure and commercial craft all over the world. Not only does the ARG stabilizer reduce roll at zero speed but at trolling speeds as well. The ARG does this without any high pressure hoses, hot oil or through hull fittings. In fact there is nothing that protrudes from the hull.

ARG is made by taking advantages of our technical capabilities earned in the aerospace industry.

Evolution to the Future