Luxury Yachts & Trawler

Using a Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) will keep the “Luxury” in your Luxury Yachting experience. Some of the many reasons you will enjoy your yacht more with a Tohmei ARG are:

  • Provides a comfortable setting for dining and entertaining.
  • Sleep in comfort at the dock or anchored out.
  • Keeps your vessel steady when docking.
  • Effective at trolling and at ‘zero’ speeds.
  • With the Tohmei ARG, you can expect the lowest maintenance in the industry
  • Allow crew and guests to move around safely and enjoy themselves.
  • There are no through hull protrusions that produce drag on your vessel. It is a one piece ‘bolt on’ package.
  • Installing the Tohmei ARG adds to the resale value of your yacht.

The Tohmei ARG is safely installed inside of the boat and away from the extreme conditions at sea. The ARG requires no external water hookups, no hi-pressure oil lines, and no exposed moving parts making it safer and more reliable for everyday use. The Tohmei ARG is especially suited for the Yachting industry because of its gentle and dramatically lower demand on the vessel’s electrical system compared to finned ‘zero speed’ stabilizers.

This results in the use of smaller generators, no need for a load bank, and no lights flickering from current spikes. The ARG uses a small and steady amount of power, lowering your operating costs. Settle for nothing less than the ORIGINAL TOHMEI ARG!