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Our Products: ARG175T

ARG175T Model: MSM17500T-A1


Vessels 30’ – 50’

Benefit from the powerful 17,500Nm of Stabilizing Torque.

With decidedly more Anti Rolling torque in a small package, the Tohmei 175T is the leader in vessels 25 ton.

Simple installation.
Simple control.
Reliable performance.

MSRP: JPY 5,980,000

MSRP is the price for the unit itself only, does not include taxes, shipping, installation and other costs.

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Anti-Rolling Torque at Rated RPM17,500Nm
Height630 mm (24.8 in)
Depth (Fore-aft)620 mm (24.4 in)
Width (Athwartship)950 mm (37.4 in)
Power (Single Phase) 220 – 240v | 3,500 – 4,300W
Spool-up Time to Rated RPM 35 minutes
Weight 380 kg (838 lbs)
Rated RPM4,600rpm
Angular Momentum at Rated RPM3,500Nms
Spool-up Power AC MotorSingle phase 4.3KW/Three phase 4.0KW
Operating Power AC MotorSingle phase 3.5KW/Three phase 3.0KW
AC Input VoltageSingle phase 220-240V, 50/60 Hz/Three phase 200-240V, 50/60 Hz

Envelope Dimensions

GyroHxWxD: 630mm x 950mm x 620mm / 24.8in x 37.4in x 24.4in
Motor Driver (Inverter)HxWxD: 400mm x 350mm x 189mm / 15.7in x 13.8in x 7.4 in

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