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Installing and Using ARG

This is an area where the Tohmei ARG excels over the competition. There is no scheduled maintenance required. We do recommend, however, that once a year the system is visually checked for anything irregular.

When installing an ARG, it is important to keep clearance on both sides of the gyro to allow for adequate air flow. It is also important to be able to have access to the ARG for inspection purpose.

Any competent boat yard may install an ARG. However, the structural foundation should be approved by a Marine Engineer to ensure that it will safely transfer the torque to the vessels hull. Consult your dealer for more details.

No. The ARG is designed to cool itself by using the flywheels rotation at high speed to create an air current through the unit.

Because the ARG is nearly maintenance free, there is no need to make convenience a priority. Following are recommendations to help you locate the ideal place to install your ARG.

  1. Take into consideration the ships center of gravity and balance.
  2. Ventilation is required if locating in a confined space.
  3. Locate the ARG in a soundproof area like an engine room.
  4. Make sure the area selected is strong enough to transfer the generated torque to the vessel. The primary structural beams are a good choice
  5. The ARG does not have to be mounted on the centerline to be effective. For example, an ARG will be equally effective sitting across from a generator.

Please see specifications of each model in Our Products page.

Sizing depends on the objective of the boat owner. Tohmei has four different models of gyros.

Each model will provide excellent roll reduction for a boat depending on the vessels displacement. Every vessel has it`s own characteristics. Please provide your vessel information in the Contact Us page. We will provide you with answers.

Yes. Depending on the type of vessel, it may be necessary for you to use multiple ARGs

Mechanisms of ARG

In order for hydraulic systems to operate effectively at ‘zero speed’ extra-large fins protruding from the sides of the hull are used.

A large hydraulic pump moves the fins to create the desired effect. The pump speeds up and slows down upon demand creating a random load variance and may result in the need to install a larger generator.

On the other hand, the current demand for the ARG is even and steady, keeping your generator happy. Everything (gyro and driver) is contained inside the vessel which makes docking and maneuvering easier. It is possible to even run your ARG at the dock while plugged into shore power.

The ARG has a safety device to stop the ARG automatically. When the ARG is operated under the following conditions, the safety device operates and the ARG stops.

  1. Ambient temperature of the ARG becomes high.
  2. The ARG generates excessive load by the operation under stormy weather or excessive high wave condition.
  3. One of Damper breaks down.

The ARG has a function called “automatic fast return functions”. It is a function that the ARG will not be turned off even If the source is turned off for a moment.

The passive control is no electronic control components, few failures and high level of safety. Also, the passive system requires no maintenance (other than the yearly inspection).

Purchasing ARG

24 months after delivery to first-use purchaser of the boats, but not exceeding 36 months after the date of the Bill of Lading. (Commercial and military use, Japanese market is different from above.)