Sport Fish

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) will make your next fishing experience safer, more productive and enjoyable by minimizing trolling and zero speed roll. Just some of the benefits are:

  • Effective at trolling and at ‘zero’ speeds
  • No through hull protrusions that can snag lines or gear.
  • Improves fuel efficiency.
  • Less maintenance than our competitors means more time to fish.
  • Allow crew and guests to move around safely and enjoy themselves.
  • Easy to use, just flip a switch.
  • Buyers prefer boats with Tohmei Gyros over others.

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) is safely installed inside of the boat and away from the extreme conditions at sea. The ARG requires no external water hookups, no hi-pressure oil lines, and no exposed moving parts making it safer and more reliable for everyday use.
Captains conclude that fishing with a Tohmei Gyro onboard is much easier on their legs and it allows them to fish longer and feel better after a day on the water. Running for a rod with a big catch can be quite dangerous on a rocking boat but with an ARG unit installed you can move freely and safely. “Rule the Waves” and be able to go out to sea when others can’t with a Tohmei ARG. The only way to fish!