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ARG installed boat wins European Powerboat of the Year 2023!

The European Powerboat Award is one of the most important award in the industry, rating “workmanship”, “safety”, “driving behaviour”, “design”, “distribution of space” and “price-performance ratio” of the vessel. Nominees are traditionally announced in Cannes (France), Winners are announced on the first day of Boot Dusseldorf (Germany).

The winner of the displacement category this year is Super Lauwersmeer SLX54, with the ARG250T-1 installed!

Congratulations to the Dutch buiilder, Super Lauwersmeer and our ARG dealer, DMS Holland for working on this vessel since the project phase. Pictures of the SLX54 and the installed ARG250T-1 at Boot Dusseldorf below.

SLX54 @ Boot Dusseldorf
SLX54 @ Boot Dusseldorf
ARG250T-1 installed

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