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Reports from the 61st Genoa Boat Show

The 61st Genoa Boat Show took place in Italy, 16th-21st September 2021 We received a comment from one of our ...
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Reports from Southampton International Boat Show 2021

The Southampton International Boat Show 2021 took place in Engalnd, 10th-19th September. We recieved a positive feedback from DMS, stating ...
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Our distributors will be exhibiting at the boat show in September 2021.

10th-19th September 2021 , Southampton International Boat Show, England Exhibitor: DMS 16th-21st September 2021 , Genoa Boat Show, Italy Exhibitor: ...
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Announcement of new dealer

DMS (Dynamic Marine Systems) in the Netherland has become the ARG new dealer. Click here for the DMS website  → ...
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